A Little Bit About Our Company

who we are | what we do | & why we do it

Marbellous Group is one of the most reputable companies in the natural stone industry. We offer our clients a comprehensive, first-class service that includes quarrying and stone processing.  After many years of experience in the Canadian market, evidenced through the distribution of our products to wholesalers and manufacturers all over the country, we have decided to relocate our warehouses to Montreal, Quebec, in order to facilitate and cater to our customers’ needs, as well as the demands of the market. Naturally, all of our factories are located abroad, to ensure the highest quality product; we import, wholesale and distribute our products from all four corners of the globe to assure quality control.

As a leading company in the field, many manufacturers prefer dealing with us not only because of years of trust gained through quality assurance and customer satisfaction, but because we have some of our own products quarried; in some cases we are considered to be the second party, but never the third or the fourth.