Manufacturing of Marble & Granite slabs from a total of

  • 8 Granite gang saws machines
  • 2 Marble gang saws machines with
  • 3 Continues polishing machines with a total head of 54 heads
  • Full & complete line for marble & granite treatment and raisin surface treatment and restoration.


Our up-to-date line also manufactures flooring tiles, wall cladding, vanity and kitchen tops, decorative and special shapes, and finally staircases from 2cm (20mm) to unlimited thicknesses with international standards and specifications with different surface finishes.



This production plant is equipped with two Multi-Circular-Blade cutting machines with a complete finishing line with fully automated finishing line which consist of:

  • Disc Cutting machine.
  • Calibrating machine.
  • Polishing machine.
  • Multi cross cutting machine.
  • Chamfering machine.
  • Size calibrating machine.
  • Grooving machine.
  • Quality control and inspection unit


The line is equipped with an Inspection & Quality Control division, to assure a top quality product. Full & complete line for marble & granite EPOXY treatment and restoration for Resin surface treatment which consists of:

  • A huge resin restoring line with 40+40 vertical ovens
  • 2 Marble gang saws machines
  • 12 head grinding machine
  • 20 head polishing machine
  • Fully automated bridge cutting machine
  • 2 waxing machines for slabs and tiles
  • Diamond wire machine

This plant is the first to be installed and we will have the exclusivity for this kind of production.



Specialized in Marble blocks preparation and sawing of Marble slabs from 2cm(20mm) to unlimited thicknesses with different sizes according to customer order for local and Imported blocks and slabs. Some of our Machinery & Equipments (Summary):

  • Diamond wires for squaring, shaping, and profiling blocks.
  • Granite Gang-Saws.
  • Marble Gang-Saws.
  • Polishing lines for Granite slabs.
  • Polishing lines for Marble slabs.
  • Bush-Hammering, Flaming, and Sand Blasting line.
  • Cutting Centers & Block Cutters for Granite Strips and Tiles.
  • Cutting Centers & Block Cutters for Marble Strips and Tiles.
  • Bridge Cutting Machines.
  • Calibrating lines.
  • Chamfering lines.
  • Grooving lines.
  • Cross-Cutting machines.
  • Automated handling equipments.